Umicore certificated gold bars

Jalonom Gold Shop makes investment gold products available for everyone – it is easy to buy products through us safely and at the up-to-date world market price. We sell top quality Umicore 999.9 per mil gold bars, starting from 1g “bars” to bars weighing 1kg.

We guarantee the origin and quality of our investment gold products with authenticity certificates. The gold bars are made from raw and recycled gold from various fields of the industry: the final products are nicely shaped resistant to time and financial crises with Umicore stamps – made of pure 24K gold.

Umicore is a certified refiner of precious metals and meets the requirements of the London Bullion Market Association in charge of gold standards.

The world market price of gold is updated continuously; in Jalonom Gold shop investment gold product prices are updated according to the gold spot-price several times a minute, so you can be sure that the investment product price you bought at is right. 

Since the beginning of 2017 Umicore gold bars are also available in attractive packaging with a certificate of authenticity and a security feature. 

The most important information at a glance:

  1. The bar number on the certificate matches the number on the gold bar.
  2. The bar is firmly protected by a transparent moulding in the packaging.
  3. The certificate vouches for the authenticity of Umicore gold bars and for a safe investment.
  4. Umicore gold bars are available in sizes ranging from 1g-100g in attractive packaging with a certificate.
  5. High quality and robust packaging, for bars up to 1 ounce in bank card format, for 50g and 100g bars in a slightly larger square format.
  6. Umicore gold bars have LBMA Good Delivery status and additional certifications.
  7. The hologram is an optical security feature ensuring a high degree of protection against forgery.
  8. Umicore bars are produced sustainably at Umicore’s own recycling facility – the largest in the world using precious metals from electronic scrap. You will find further information about the origin of these precious metal bars here.

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