Safe debosit boxes

Safe and convenient storage


Safe deposit boxes are the most secure place to store valuables, important documents and digital materials. Jalonom’s safe deposit facility in Leppävaara, Espoo is a fire-safe and secure storage location for valuables. We have different sizes of safe deposit box, and the storage costs for documents such as share certificates of investment properties are tax-deductible.

Safe deposit boxes are the safest places to store share certificates, wills, advance directives, recordings, valuables or any other commercial papers and documents that need to be kept secure. Many banks are no longer offering safe deposit services, but Jalonom is here to meet your security needs.


  • Small 370x255x45mm, 24,90€/month or 250€/year
  • Medium 370x260x75mm, 34,90€/month or 350€/year
  • Large 370x260x165mm, 49,90€/month or 500€/year


  • Small 370x255x48mm, 24,90€/month or 250€/year
  • Medium 370x260x135mm, 34,90€/month or 350€/year
  • Large 370x260x285mm, 49,90€/month or 500€/year

Changing lifestyles bring changing storage needs

There is a growing need for highly secure and easy-to-use safe deposit boxes. As people spend longer periods abroad or otherwise away from home, keeping valuable assets in the home can become a concern. Moving house or periods of hospitalisation, for example, or the continually growing popularity of home delivery services can also lead to worries about the safety of valuable items kept in the home. Ensuring that valuables are kept safe can be made more difficult if a person suffers from dementia or other health problems related to old age. And of course, break-ins and theft can never be ruled out entirely. Jalonom’s safe deposit service is a convenient and highly secure storage solution for changing life situations.

Bank safe deposit services are a thing of the past

Banks are reducing the size of their branch networks, changing their business models and range of services. As part of these changes, more and more banks are discontinuing their safe deposit services. Jalonom’s safe deposit service is based on traditional bank safe models and is a natural addition to our existing range of services.

Tax-deductible storage expenses

Did you know that the cost of renting a safe deposit box for storing items such as share certificates is regarded by the tax authorities as an expense related to safeguarding capital income, and is therefore tax-deductible? Such expenses in excess of EUR 50 may be deducted for tax purposes.

Secure and convenient safe deposit services

At Jalonom, we have a strong focus on security and ease of use. Our safe deposit boxes are housed in a vault that meets the latest security requirements. Access to the vault is rigorously monitored, with strict instructions for use. The instructions cover the use of the safes for various purposes, such as supervision of the interests of another party or handling of estates.

A safe deposit account can be opened through our website or in person. We have three different sizes of safe deposit box, with monthly or yearly pricing for each. We provide all our customers with instructions on use of our safe deposit service.

Parking in a supervised parking area close to our vaults is also available to our customers for the duration of their visit.

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We’re easy to reach

Our locations in Espoo and Helsinki are highly convenient for motorists and public transport users alike. There is parking space right next to the premises, Leppävaara train station is only 300 metres away and public transportation takes you almost to the door at our Töölö location. Welcome!

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Safe deposit service FAQs:

Safe deposit boxes can be rented for a limited time or for an indefinite period. Agreements for rental for an indefinite time can be terminated with a notice period of 30 days, and fixed-term contracts expire at the end of the contract period.

Our safe deposit boxes can be used to store valuable items, documents or digital materials.

Agreements for rental for an indefinite time can be terminated with a notice period of 30 days, and fixed-term contracts can be cancelled before the next rental period begins.


Reservation is not required, but it is recommended. Times can be booked conveniently through our customer service by phone 09 512 7298 or email

Dangerous substances are prohibited, and of course any sort of materials related to criminal activity are also prohibited.

In the case of estates, documents kept in the safe deposit box are registered and copied for those concerned to see. In the case of wills, a copy of the last will and testament is archived with a note to indicate to whom and when the original testament was handed over. These safeguards have been put in place to prevent misuse. For further details, please see our general instructions for the use of safe deposit boxes.


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